In addition to our regular activities, here are some of the events being planned for 2019…
NB – some advanced dates are provisional:

Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane3rd Mar2.30pm
Diamond Dinner22nd Mar7.00pm
Men's Breakfast30th Mar9.00am
Messy Church6th Apr5 - 7pm
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane7th Apr2.30pm
In4mal Palm Sunday14th Apr4.00pm
Bread & Spread Communion18th Apr6.30pm
Good Friday Service19th Apr9.30am
Coffee Morning20th Apr10.00am to noon
Easter Sunday21st Apr8.00am Communion
9.00am Breakfast
10.30am Family Easter Celebration
Men's Breakfast27th Apr9.00am
Wedding Vows Renewal Ceremony27th Apr4.00pm
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane5th May2.30pm
President & Vice-president of Conference visit11th & 12th MayTBA
Celebrating Baptism19th May4.00pm
Vision Night & Annual Meeting21st May7.00pm
Men's Breakfast25th May9.00am
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane2nd June2.30pm
Community Fun Day8th June11.00am to 4.00pm
Men's Breakfast29th June9.00am
Church Fellowship Weekend6th & 7th JulyTBA
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane7th July2.30pm
Messy Church13th July5-7pm
60 hours of PrayerJulyTBA
Men's Breakfast27th July9.00am
Church Outing to How Hill3rd AugTBA
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane4th Aug2.30pm
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane1st Sept2.30pm
Messy Church Tea Party14th Sept5 - 7pm
Men's Breakfast28th Sept9.00am
Messy Church5th Oct5 - 7pm
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane6th Oct2.30pm
Men's Breakfast26th Oct9.00am
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane3rd Nov2.30pm
Men's Breakfast30th Nov9.00am
Café Church @ Costa, Blue Boar Lane1st Dec2.30pm
Messy Church Christingle7th Dec5 - 7pm
Carol Service15th Dec10.30am
In4mal Christmas- lots of fun for all22nd Dec4 - 6pm
Midnight Communion24th Dec11.15pm

* Most Church Social events include a bring and share supper.

For catering purposes individuals need to indicate their intention to attend the Men’s Breakfasts. There is a sign-up sheet in the church vestibule from a couple of weeks prior to the breakfasts.

Some of these are provisional dates, to be confirmed as soon as possible
Details of other events will be added once they are confirmed.

We’re easy to find, and have our own car park.
We’re on the A1151 (the Wroxham Road) leading out from Norwich, and we’re also on the number 11, 11A and 12 bus routes with stops very close by.
You’re welcome to join in…