With numerous operations and reduced ability to absorb nutrients, life has been a constant battle against extreme fatigue and debilitating pain. Suspected in 1982, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1990.

On 8th Sept 2013, I went to a Healing Service in my local area of Spixworth, Norwich, led by Ash Kotecha. I was worn down by the knowledge of a life on intra-venous foods and prospect of worsening pain.

I stood at the front with a few others, knowing the power of prayer had helped me cope with dark days earlier in the year. At no time was I touched by any other person but, as I stood there focusing upon the spoken words of Scripture I’d heard many times before, I became hotter and hotter (internally). It was close to unbearable, and the pain was still there, still as intense. At the end of the evening, the heat had gone, but the pain hadn’t.

Then, some days later, I was aware that the pain was much less, and the sharp stabbing attacks were not lasting as long. This is how it remained; instead of a pain level of 7-9 it was usually at a level of 3 or 4 out of 10.

On Sunday 20th October, I went to a 7.15pm healing service at Sprowston Methodist Church, led by Rev Nigel Fox, to give testimony to the pain reduction from the month before. This was the same testimony I was led to give that same morning at a small church some 20 miles away.

After my testimony, Nigel asked if I wanted more of a healing touch. With others gathered around me, he prayed. During the prayer-time I thought, ‘Not again! This heat, this almost unbearable heat!’ The heat was anything but pleasant, and even Nigel was sweating. Again, at the end of the service that heat had all but left me, but the abdominal discomfort hadn’t.

Four days later, I was walking along a path and misjudged a kerb. That usually brings a grimace and, I have to confess, a few curses under my breath. But then I realized that I felt nothing – no pain – no discomfort. I had not been free from this for over 25 years, and then for only a short period. I simply leant against a lamp-post on that sunny October day, said a heartfelt “Thank You” – and wept.

For close on three days after that, I could barely concentrate on anything else except that which was no longer there – that pain which had been part of me for more than half my life.

Two weeks on, having said “Thank You” again in church on 3rd November, there’s no pain and no discomfort.

There is only One who knows how long this will continue. All I know for sure is that I’ve been given something that nothing on this planet can ever take away – this present period free from pain. Every morning, I say ‘thank You’ for that heat of the Spirit’s ministry, as I get out of bed without having to grit my teeth. The Boss, as I call Him, came knocking on my door about 8 years ago. He called me to be a disciple, and preach His word. Now, hopefully, it’s full steam ahead in doing what He asks.

[ As this testimony was supplied for uploading, we are thrilled that Colin remains free of debilitating pain… and he has a new smile! ]
Now there’s more.

Colin continues…
On 24 January I saw a new consultant in the Crohn’s Clinic – someone who had taken time to read my notes. Ha! Notes! My folder makes ‘War and Peace’ look like a short story. (The consultant I’ve dealt with for years has all but retired)

I was given this verdict, based on blood tests taken a week earlier – The tests show that my liver is fine, so too my kidneys. There is no evidence of active Crohn’s at this time. My vitamin levels are fine. I’m gaining weight. My platelets reading is very impressive for a Crohn’s sufferer.
The icing on that cake – I would not expect anyone who has had to endure what you have, both medically and physically, since 2009 to be as well as you. (Those are not my words)

For the first time in over 30 years, I left a Clinic without a follow-up appointment. I just walked away, knowing there is just one more test in the pipeline, looked up and said, “Thank You”.
(That one more test is now booked for 17 March 2014)

To bring you right up-to-date, my abdomen is, and has remained, a pain-free zone!

Further Update

In the Autumn of 2017 Colin moved to Lahore in Pakistan where he is involved with a charity (One World Welfare Organization Facebook page) that is opening a school to provide education to children from poor families.  His health continues to be good.