Over  2018 – 19 we are following a teaching scheme called ‘Shine like Stars’  The topics for the Sunday services are given below. The evening services follow the same theme and reading as the morning service but with a different aspect being explored.

The Housegroups are using study material that links in with the teaching and expands the understanding of the text.  We are celabrating 60 years in our present building so this is our diamond anniversary so hence the “sparkly” theme. 

The present theme is Disciples and here is a PDF of the bible study material – Disciples-2019

The previous theme was Issues Christians Face

The previous theme was the church as One Body and here is a PDF of the bible study material – One Body

The previous theme was Light and here is a PDF of the bible study material – Light

The previous theme was studying the prophet Elisha and here is a PDF of the bible study material – Elisha-2018

The previous theme was the I Am statements of Jesus and here is a PDF of the bible study material – I am booklet

There are a number of half-hour lectures planned to give background and expansion on the individual themes.  These are on Sunday mornings starting at 9.30am with refreshments available from 9.15am, please see the plan below for the dates of these.

DateTimeThemeBible Reading 
Sunday 28th Apr10.30amDisciples - gather togetherMatt 5: 1 & 3
Sunday 5th May10.30amDisciples - learn togetherMatt 5: 14-20
Sunday 12th May10.30amDisciples - eat togetherMatt 26: 17-30
Sunday 19th May10.30amDisciples - follow JesusMatt 4: 18-25
Sunday 26th May10.30amDisciples - have a go: walk on waterMatt 14: 22-36
Sunday 2nd June9.15amBreakfast & introductory lecture
Sunday 2nd June10.30amColossians - grace & peace to youCol 1: 1-14
Sunday 9th June10.30amColossians - beautiful SaviourCol 1: 15-29
Sunday 16th June10.30amColossians - strength of ChristCol 2: 6-15
Sunday 23rd June10.30amColossians - live a risen lifeCol 3: 1-17
Sunday 30th June10.30amColossians - devoted to prayerCol 4: 2-18
Sunday 7th July9.15amBreakfast & introductory lecture
Sunday 7th July10.30amShine - let your lightLuke 11: 33-36
Sunday 14th July10.30amShine - in our hearts2Cor 4: 4-10
Sunday 21st July10.30amShine - torches & trumpetsJudges 7: 9-22
Sunday 28th July10.30amShine - and be seen: Queen EsterEster 4: 12-5: 8 & 7: 3-10