A number of events occur on a regular monthly or bi-monthly basis, these are included in the diary.

CAMEOWednesday 13th Mar2.30pm
Discipleship ExploredSunday 17th Mar1.00pm
Craft GroupWednesday 20th Mar7.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 23rd Mar9.00am
Discipleship ExploredSunday 24th Mar1.00pm
CAMEOWednesday 27th Mar2.30pm
"Bread & Spreads" serviceMaundy Thursday 28th Mar6.30pm
Good Friday serviceFriday 29th Mar10.30am
Easter FunSaturday 30th Mar10am - 12noon
Craft GroupWednesday 3rd Apr7.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 10th Apr2.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 17th Apr7.30pm
Messy ChurchSaturday 20th Apr5 - 7pm
CAMEOWednesday 24th Apr2.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 27th Apr9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 1st May7.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 8th May2.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 15th May7.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 22nd May2.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 25th May9.00am
CAMEOWednesday 29th May2.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 5th June7.30pm
Fun DaySaturday 8th JuneTBA
CAMEOWednesday 12th June2.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 19th June7.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 26th June2.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 29th June9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 3rd July7.30pm
Messy ChurchSaturday 6th July5 - 7pm
CAMEOWednesday 10th July2.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 17th July7.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 24th July2.30pm
CAMEOWednesday 31st July2.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 27th July9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 4th Sep7.30pm
Messy ChurchSaturday 14th Sep5 - 7pm
Craft GroupWednesday 18th Sep7.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 28th Sep9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 2nd Oct7.30pm
Craft GroupWednesday 16th Oct7.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 26th Oct9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 6th Nov7.30pm
Messy ChurchSaturday 16th Nov5 - 7pm
Craft GroupWednesday 20th Nov7.30pm
Men's BreakfastSaturday 23rd Nov9.00am
Craft GroupWednesday 4th Dec7.30pm

There may be changes to this diary as more events are planned or changed.

The Renew Wellbeing cafe meets weekly on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am to 12.00 and on Friday afternoons from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.  Drop in for a drink and a chat.

Veg Bank and Tim’s Tins occurs weekly on Friday mornings from 10.30am to 12.00pm. 

Many activities and special events include refreshments.  If you have any questions about anything in the diary please contact us at info@sprowstonmethodist.org.uk

The Easter ‘Bread & Spreads’ event on Thursday the 28th of March includes a bring and share supper, please bring a cold dish either sweet or savory.