Shortly after WW2, local Methodist leaders considered relocating their place of worship and witness into the heart of Sprowston. A new building was erected on the present site on Wroxham Road in 1958, replacing the former ‘Primitive Methodist Church’ in Shipfield, Sprowston Road. To this day, the local name for Sprowston Methodist Church remains “Wroxham Road” to distinguish it from the former “Sprowston Road”.

See Shipfield Methodist Church and Sprowston Methodist Chapel and Methodist Church 1958 to 2008

A booklet was produced in 1983 to mark the 25th Anniversary, and gives an insight into those earlier years of Christian worship and witness.

Further information about this and other Methodist Churches in the area can be found in a brief history, entitled “Through Cloud and Sunshine”, edited by Norma Virgoe and Albert Ward (2002). The church has witnessed numerous special times of God’s grace over the years and, in the words of the editors – “It moves into the 21st century with confidence and faith.” (ibid. p.146)


A sustained ministry of prayer lies behind all that’s happened and continues to happen at Wroxham Road. There has alway been regular prayer meetings.  Recently, the church’s prayer life has been enhanced by special ‘Prayer Events’.

We joined in the national initiative of 24-7 Prayer, entitled “Pray Without Ceasing”, during January 2006 with events that stretched from New Year’s Eve through two weeks. The whole worship area was made available as a prayer-space, with a prayer-safari guide to assist our journeys of prayer.
Since then, the popularity of this quiet open space has led to a frequent setting aside of Holy Week and Easter as a time of sustained prayer, with numerous prayer-stations to help focus our praying. It has become a very special time for all who join in.

50th Anniversary

2008 was an important year for us. Taking the biblical theme of the ‘Jubilee Year’ for our 50th Anniversary, we were able to celebrate with thankfulness and a sense of release into a new freedom. Special events were enjoyed throughout the year.

Looking ahead…

For many folk the future may seem so uncertain but, having witnessed God’s hand of mercy through a demanding year, we have been renewed in faith. Building on what we have experienced and now experience, we are confident of His guidance as we follow His call – “going forward, all working together”.

2018 -19…

This was our diamond anniversary as we celebrated 60 years in the premises.  There have been many renovations to the premises which has grow over the 60 years.  There was a wide ranging programme of events over the year. However, the focus of the church is still to reach and support the local community and to promote Christ’s kingdom through worship, teaching and praise in a way that is accessable to all.

We are ordinary folk who have discovered something special in Jesus. Our Services are always open to the public. Why not join in? You will be welcome. You, too, can become part of the story… and a part of His story.