For more than two centuries, members of the Methodist Church have been in the pastoral care of “Class Leaders” and “Pastoral Visitors“, so that none should be forgotten or without opportunity for spiritual counsel.
This continues to be an important aspect of our church life.

Every member of this local church is assigned to a local care group and is therefore part of a shared network of pastoral care. At present, we have almost 120 members in 10 pastoral groups . We also have a Pastoral Lay Worker appointed to provide special support to the pastoral life of the church.

Additional friendship and support is freely exercised among those belonging to our various Housegroups.

We seek to echo our support with our welcome. So, whether you’re new or just visiting, we are confident that, along with many others, you’ll soon feel ‘at home’. If you are moving into the area and seeking a church to join, why not seek us out?


Seeking the guidance of God’s Spirit we operate through the shared counsel of our ‘managing trustees’, the Church Council. Members of Council are drawn from those in leadership across the whole range of church life to ensure balanced representation, and meets 3 times per year.

Responsibility for week by week running is shared by the Church Stewards with the Minister, as they exercise leadership together.

We are a Registered Charity – number : 1144417.
Church accounts are audited and published each year. A General Church Meeting, for all members and friends, gathers each year to consider items of majority interest in open forum, and to appoint our Church Stewards.

All those working with children and young people (and/or vulnerable adults) at this church will have been appointed by Church Council, on condition of a current clear DBS certificate (where this is required).  Together with all responsible church officers, they are also required to attend the latest Safeguarding training.